-Excerpt from the book, "Little Wild Thang" 

​​Little Wild Thang  is L.J.'s big debut! She has created a pop culture account of her life in a real, raw, and humorous coming-of-age diary, set in the truth of the Space Coast of Florida during 1981 to 1991. In Little Wild Thang Lydia uses real excerpts from her own diaries, mental health documents, and foster care files to give you the full she-bang of what it was like to grow up in and out of foster care while fighting to reunite with her mother that was a prostitute diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Little  Wild  Thang  is a 3-part diary series that spans over 25 years of documents, diaries, and experiences that will leave you breathless and wanting more as Lydia fights through for healing, solution, and change. 

Little Wild Thang is part 1. Part 2, Sunny Lane is currently being written. For book to film inquiries please contact here.

Meet Author Lydia Joyner

As you can see, the Space Coast is pretty spectacular. Imagination, possibility, beauty, and adventure is endless. Yet, it is also a land of illusion. Crack cocaine, abuse, and mental illness were the grease and grime of my childhood. Underneath the stars of such an enchanting place, I would not get out without experiencing hell on earth. No one could see past the smear of tourists, natural wonder, and magic of the Space Coast; let alone the history of me. No one wants to imagine a child being abused when they are on vacation with their family at Walt Disney World.