For 18 years Lydia has held onto her foster care files and whatever would fit in the many trash bags she had through her life in and out of foster care. Through courage and bravery she is the first person in history to expose foster care files, police reports, and mental health documents with her child's voice in a diary format to give the full she-bang of a silent world. Many of the issues in Lydia's story are relevant today such as mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia, foster care, rape, murder, homelessness, poverty, physical abuse, mental abuse, addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and suicide. 

Although Lydia failed kindergarten and never graduated college she ended up skyping and teaching a class for 8 months at Columbia University. In 2013, Lydia, along with many artists collaborated with Atley Loughridge and Lance Weiler through Lance's digital storytelling class for social good at Columbia University. Together they created an immersive storytelling experience called My Sky is Falling aka MSIF. 

MSIF was created to raise awareness towards foster kids, homeless, and aging out youth. In the experience bracelets were put on participants to measure blood pressure, heart rate, and perspiration to show trauma informed care. The participants were blindfolded, connected, separated, and inspired. They couldn't believe the experience was about one person's life when 500,000 children just like Lydia are in foster care every year, let alone the ones that are not experiencing the same atrocities in foster care, but in their own homes, or on the streets. Such participants were from The United Nations, IFP, The Harmony Institute, gamers, pedestrians, students, and social workers at the New School in NYC.  After many wonderfulreviews and articles written fromWired Magazine,Filmmaker Magazine, andTheHarmony Institute Lydia felt it was time to put her story into words, which is how Little Wild Thang came to life. 

Currently, Lydia speaks publicly, appears on news, television, and film to raise awareness and  inspire others, is writing part 2 of Little Wild Thang - Sunny Lane, tours her highly inspiring Living Diary Presentation  where she tells her universal story through diary entries, family video files, police reports, social work reports, personal belongings, and immerses the audience with deep interaction to give you the full experience of her life so others can start to see abuse in naked form and start to treat traumatized victims with compassion and care.By exposing her story Lydia hopes to help others spot abuse quicker, help our community in distress, inspire others that are suffering to heal, and to teach others to stop denying abuse or allowing it to continue due to shame, ignorance, and miseducation.

Lydia's philosophy in life has always been to "Never give up and Never give in" because she knows that you can come from nothing and become something spectacular and bright because your DNA is not your destiny and your blueprint is not your horizon. ​Lydia can't wait to inspire you through her diary Little Wild Thang! Come along the journey if you are so brave to dive and soar through beauty and tragedy equally for change..  


Featured Author: Lydia Joyner