Book Launch at The Chandlery

Melbourne, Florida 2016

Book Events & Workshops

Brevard Family Partnership Trauma Informed Care Keynote, Youth Workshop, and Book Signing

​February 11th and 12th 2016, Brevard County, Florida

Book Signing at Bikram Yoga's Anniversary Celebration

Merritt Island, Florida February 2016

National Wraparound Conference

June 7th - 9th 2016 

Oxford Exchange Author Event

May 1st, 2016 in Tampa, Florida

First Coast Girl's Initiative

April 20th at the Jason Dupont Center in Jacksonville, Florida

On Point Book Fair

Saturday, September 15th 2018

Westshore Plaza

Tampa, Florida​ 33609

There is nothing like a book about hope and about never giving up. Liddie Joyner knows what it's like to have life hand you lemons. She turned her misfortune into a 3 part book series titled Little Wild Thang: A Diary. "Lydia uses real excerpts from her own diaries, mental health documents, and foster care files to give you the full she-bang of what it was like to grow up in and out of foster care while fighting to reunite with her mother that was a prostitute diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia." Lydia will be joining us on 9/15/18 at the WestShore Plaza for the 4th Annual On Point Book Fair. You won't want to miss out on your chance to get an autographed copy of her book!

Healing & Empowerment Girls Retreat with Smile for Budgie Organization

February 14th, 2016