Welcome to the enchanted Land of Little Wild Thangs! Community and providers will join forces to teach self sufficiency and rehabilitation to the often forgotten members of the community. It is the goal of the Land to provide an opportunity for success and to encourage openings to become productive members of the community. This goal will be accomplished by providing housing, therapeutic services, legal help, medical services and, importantly, education. Residents will learn job skills which will allow their products and services to be enjoyed by all, while fortifying and strengthening the community and the Land of Little Wild Thangs. This Land includes a community event space to allow adventure, exploration and levity to the residents and visitors. It is the goal of the Land to uplift the ones who have been left behind and provide a safe space to remember how to grow forward.

A Little Wild Thang has a motto,

"Never give up and Never give in to your Truth and your Dreams," and that is what we are all about doing here!

Please feel free to peruse the map and key we are in the donation and fundraising phase to open up the first part of the Land -

The Castle where events, healing, art, and educational workshops will occur for residents and the community.

If you are interested in donating thank you, donate button is through paypal above or below!

If you are interested in being a part of Land of Little Wild Thangs or have questions please email CEO Lydia Joyner at lydiajoyner@icloud.com or call 347.533.0613

Illustration by Stefanie Storm and created by Becki Jacobs and Lydia Joyner